In Canada, a car is stolen every 5 minutes: Is your car safe?

A new study found that a car is stolen every five minutes in Canada. Certain car makes and models are targeted more often.

Is yours at risk? Équité Association, a nonprofit working to reduce insurance fraud, shared a report on car theft trends in 2023. The report revealed that there were 30,134 car thefts in Ontario that year.

The figure shows an increase from last year’s high of 28,131. This is a 7.1% increase.

RegionTotal # of Thefts in 2022Total # of Thefts in 2023% Change Year-over-Year (YoY)
Atlantic Canada1,9312,0616.7%
Western Canada*25,54023,055-9.7%

Ontario has a low rate of stolen vehicles being found, with only 44% recovered. This suggests that many stolen cars may end up overseas or have their identifying numbers changed. Quebec has the lowest recovery rate at 37%, while Atlantic Canada has a better rate at 67%. However, most of the recovered cars there are found burned, as thieves try to destroy evidence.

Western Canada, including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, has the highest recovery rate at 77%. Car thefts decreased in Western Canada from 2022 to 2023, with around 2,000 fewer cars stolen. Alberta has more thefts per person than Ontario, with 252 stolen vehicles per 100,000 people compared to Ontario’s 202 and Quebec’s 169.

Which cars are thieves most likely to steal?

The Honda CR-V is the most stolen car in Canada. In 2022, thieves took it 5,620 times. After the Honda CR-V, car thieves targeted the Dodge RAM 1500. Following that, the Ford F150 was the third most stolen car, then the Lexus RX Series, and finally the Toyota Highlander.

RankMake/ModelModel Year# of Vehicles# of TheftsTheft Frequency (%)Type
1Honda CR-V2020469,1445,6201.2SUV
2Dodge RAM 1500 Series2022508,0612,6000.5Truck
3Ford F-150 Series2020615,7401,8330.3Truck
4Lexus RX Series202093,7661,8151.9SUV
5Toyota Highlander2021117,6631,7591.5SUV
6Honda Civic2019705,0561,4930.2Sedan
7Jeep Grand Cherokee2021120,3871,3491.1SUV
8Land Rover Range Rover202034,2011,3433.9SUV
9Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Series2006595,8161,2600.2Truck
10Jeep Wrangler2021132,2191,1890.9SUV

For the first time, the association published its list of the 10 least stolen vehicles in 2022.

No.Make/Model# of Vehicles# of TheftsTheft Frequency (%)Type
1Chevrolet Volt16,47110.006Sedan
2Kia Niro 5DR11,27630.027Sedan
3Cadillac XT521,26840.019SUV
4Buick Envision14,38040.028SUV
5Mini Cooper Countryman13,25640.030Sedan
6Volvo XC9015,91850.031SUV
7Volkswagen Beetle14,96760.040Sedan
8Chevrolet Corvette11,78560.051Sedan
9Hyundai Ioniq12,09670.058Sedan
10Mazda Mazda213,58580.059Sedan

How To Protect Your Car for Thief?

Preventing auto theft is best done by using different methods. Remember to lock your doors and keep your windows up. Installing visible anti-theft devices or a vehicle immobilizer can also help. Car theft is a big issue in Canada. The government is taking steps to address it. In February, Canada had its first national car theft summit. They also announced a $121 million investment to fight gun, gang, and auto crime in Ontario. The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Arif Virani, said the government is working to combat this crime and keep communities safe.

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