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Your privacy matters to me. As the founder of, I want you to feel comfortable checking out my consumer tips and guides knowing I’ve got your back.

Here’s the key info about how I handle the data on my site:

When you visit my site or subscribe, I’ll have access to basic data like your IP address or email. But don’t worry, I let you explore completely anonymously if you prefer!

The main reasons I gather data are to improve my services for fellow shoppers like you. For example, seeing which guides are popular helps me know what buyers need most.

I take the protection of your data very seriously too. You can trust that any info you provide is handled with care and the latest security.

My site may use cookies to customize the experience for return visitors – but only with your permission first! These cookies simply remember basic data, like pages you visited.

I hope this gives you a clear understanding of how I collect and handle data. Please reach out in comments if you have any other questions! I’m happy to clarify further about protecting your personal info online.

Here’s to helping each other shop smart and safe,

Founder of Nutek Speed

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