Corrections Policy

Accuracy is so important to me with the shopping guides and reviews I share here. As a fellow consumer, I want the facts I read to be truthful too.

That’s why I fact-check the details in my articles and include links to the original sources. I do this so you can verify the information yourself if you ever have any doubts.

But I’m human too and mistakes occasionally happen! If you catch an inconsistency or think I’ve got something wrong, please send me a quick email with “Error in Fact Check” in the subject line. I really appreciate readers taking the time to help me stay precise.

You can also connect with me on Facebook and Twitter to give feedback or point out needed corrections. I try to actively respond so we can have an open dialogue.

Whenever errors come up, I’m quick to acknowledge them and make it right across my site and social channels. Maintaining the reliability of what I publish is critical for this resource you all depend on.

Thanks for reading and letting me know your thoughts!

Staying accurate for you,


Founder, Nutek Speed

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